Famous. Known or talk about by many people. A person or place that is renowned for something, usually something good, is well-known.

Renowned (adjective) is having a widespread, good reputation and famous.

For example: “They are also renowned for their lack of transparency and high charges”.

Sentence example is: “It’s annual literary festival is also renowned”

Renowned means known and admired by a lot of people, or widely-known and esteemed, far-famed, famed, or notable (famous-known).

Widely acclaimed and highly honored. “He is by far the most renowned of the Dutch Portrait-painters of this period”.

Net worth

The amount by which assets exceed liabilities. Another way to say; it’s the value of a everything you own minus all your debts.

Net worth is a concept that can be applied to both individuals and businesses, as a measure of how much they are really worth.

A simple listing of the property you own and the debts you owe can provide valuable insights.

Such a listing is called a net worth statement, and sometimes a financial-statement.

The net worth is like a photograph of these assets and liabilities on a given date.


A short-introduction to a book typically by a person other than the author. Synonyms as preface or prologue. The foreword to a book is an introduction by the author or by someone else.

Foreword have had in the book, thesis, portfolio, report, project, manual, magazine, short, research paper, assignment, journal, college-magazine, message, writing, conference, yearbook, technical-report, and accounting internship-report.

Foreword is a section at the beginning of a book that introduces and usually written by someone other than the book’s author.

What is the best metal to invest in right now

Platinum is a chemical element with white silver metal known as platinum’s the heaviest of the precious metals.

Weighing almost twice as much as karat gold.

Platinum is renowned worldwide as it is rare (lower production than gold) pure 95% purity.

Platinum’s called as ‘white gold’ in malay and Malaysian.

Platinum is the best metal to invest in right now especially for beginners.

The benefits of investing in precious metals are gold and silver.

The different of types of investment costs for precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum depend on the market pricing.


Having the standard of skill, knowledge or ability that is necessary for doing or being something.

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“she was extraordinary well qualified to run the state department”.

Competent, or/and having complied with the specified requirements or precedent conditions.

Being qualified might also mean you have paperwork that shows you had certain training or meet certain-standards.

Or someone who is qualified has passed the examinations that they need to pass in.

As much as

Used to say that two things are equal in amount or degree. The same quantity as “as much as” is many.

The meaning of much as a large amount here is qualified by what follows.

For example, “please help yourself to as-much of the meant as you want indicates whatever amount you wish.

As many as means a number that is equal to another number (used with countable nouns). With not it defined not equal.

As much as means an amount that’s equal to another amount (used with uncountable nouns).

For example as-much-as sentence is “but they need a result in the league just as much as we do”.


Weighing means for gerund or present participle. It is weigh that mean find out how heavy is.

Or it’s defined as measure the weight of, or meaning-as measure how heavy something is.

Sentences example:

Wire weighing between 150 and 400 ib per mile is generally used.

A train weighing 92 tons could be drawn by one engine at the rate of 5 m.

The line is of m metre gauge, with steel rails weighing 212 kilos (42 lb) per yard.