Having the standard of skill, knowledge or ability that is necessary for doing or being something.

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“she was extraordinary well qualified to run the state department”.

Competent, or/and having complied with the specified requirements or precedent conditions.

Being qualified might also mean you have paperwork that shows you had certain training or meet certain-standards.

Or someone who is qualified has passed the examinations that they need to pass in.

As much as

Used to say that two things are equal in amount or degree. The same quantity as “as much as” is many.

The meaning of much as a large amount here is qualified by what follows.

For example, “please help yourself to as-much of the meant as you want indicates whatever amount you wish.

As many as means a number that is equal to another number (used with countable nouns). With not it defined not equal.

As much as means an amount that’s equal to another amount (used with uncountable nouns).

For example as-much-as sentence is “but they need a result in the league just as much as we do”.


Weighing means for gerund or present participle. It is weigh that mean find out how heavy is.

Or it’s defined as measure the weight of, or meaning-as measure how heavy something is.

Sentences example:

Wire weighing between 150 and 400 ib per mile is generally used.

A train weighing 92 tons could be drawn by one engine at the rate of 5 m.

The line is of m metre gauge, with steel rails weighing 212 kilos (42 lb) per yard.