Comedy writing is all around us. Comedy can entertain, educate and enlighten us depending on the style or format used and the message intended by the writer.

We read comedy when we receive jokes via email or when we read books or magazines written in a comic style.

Daily, we find written humour in newspapers that publish cartoons and anecdotes.

We may not be aware of it, but whenever we laugh while watching a movie or a TV show, someone has written a comedy script.

Very rarely when comedy is performed does it happen spontaneously. It is usually scripted.

Comedy takes on numerous forms. Some comedy is very subtle and makes you think about a topic in a different way.

Some comedy may have you belly laughing on the floor in tears. And then of course there is everything in between.

Think about the way a standup comedian makes an audience laugh and compare that to the way comedy is used in popular television situational comedies.

A stand up comedian has to capture the audience’s attention within the first few moments. Often they cannot rely on props or props are minimal.

They have a direct engagement with the audience. Sitcoms, on the other hand, develop characters from episode to episode and there is an ongoing development of the story.

What about street performers? Some comedians don’t even use words to make their audiences laugh.

The famous mime artist Marcel Marceau performed thousands of times without ever uttering one word.

Mr Bean is the modern equivalent and whilst he doesn’t speak he does occasionally grunt!

As you can see there are many different types of comedy.

People from all walks of life use their experiences to write comedy.

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