Transferwise Debit Card Countries

Transferwise will saves you money by taking a small percentage of the transaction as following :

  • A credit card transaction fee
  • A bank transfer fee

It is transparent service, as they always use the best exchange rates. You can send money through their website or app.

Your money is safe and secure. You’ll get regular status updates. Transferwise saves you money by taking a small percentage of the transaction.

As an user, your recipient does not need to use transferwise for you to send money to them. It’s also a more efficient and effective service.

It is free to create an-account, you can sign up as an individual. If you have a business, you can add your biz to your transferwise account.

You can get a transferwise multicurrency borderless account for business. More than 40 currencies to send and receive payments all over the world.

Transferwise does use the swift network for sending money to countries around the world. By the uses a smart new approach to allow people to send and receive money safely from abroad.

Transferwise debit card review is very effective and easy when it comes to saving on exchange rates.

In addition, do not avoid expensive fees when withdrawing money while abroad, you can use your card like any other bank ATM debit-card.

The transfer debit-card is like having your travel money on a card. It lets yyou send or spend money around the world and convert them in real time with the free transferwise ewallet app.