Triggers for writing

People provide endless inspiration for writing. When you read the newspaper or watch the evening news you might be struck by an image of a person or a group of people.

These images can be used as triggers for writing. It is interesting to use a photo of a person and to create a story about that person.

Consider what their life might be like. What an amazing sense of perspective is achieved if you can put yourself in the shoes of a person whose life is totally different to your own.

Events and situations are perhaps the most available sources of inspiration for writers.

Memories or photos of significant events in life, when used as triggers for writing, can be sources for very insightful reflective writing.

Nature is another powerful source of inspiration for writers. Think about the wonders found in nature.

Places that people flock to in their thousands. Why do people flock to places like Mount Everest? What is the great attraction?

If you could, would you like to see natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, the Himalayan mountains or the magnificent creatures of the African deserts?

The beauty of nature also lies much closer to home. Take a leaf from the closest tree, look carefully, and there you have the trigger for a piece of descriptive writing.

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